importance of personal hygiene

Importance of personal hygiene

Personal hygiene is a comprehensive cleaning and caring for your own body. Maintaining the best personal hygiene include, washing your hands, brushing your teeth, bathing and wearing the clean clothing. This is also about making healthy and safe decisions when you are interacting with other people. There are both social and health benefits which are associated with personal hygiene which happen when implementing good healthy hygiene. Contact now to know other tips you can follow for your personal hygiene.

Here is the importance of personal hygiene. 

Fight and prevent illness  

importance of personal hygiene

The importance of personal hygiene is vital when fighting and preventing illness to both yourself and those surrounding you. When you wash your hands, it can prevent the spread of germs which can be from one person to the other or one part of the body to the other. For example, you need to clean your hands and make your kids do so before you have a meal, snack after you have played with the pets of after you have visited the toilet. You also required to keep off from the food which has viruses, Pathogenic bacteria. Parasites contaminate food and which are poisonous. Germs are well-known for causing illness to people’s lives and which can result in death. Personal hygiene is very crucial to every human being especially when you wash your hands you will stay healthy and relaxed.  

Reduce body odor  

The personal hygiene help to reduce body odor and it help to improve the personal appearance and the perceptions from others to your change. Dirty clothes have a tendency of carrying germs, and they are required to be replaced by the clean and the washed clothes. It’s also preferable for you to keep the nails short of evading accumulation of germs and dirt which can also lead to bad odor. This is most important to places where proper etiquette is required or expected for example in school, in office when you are interacting with different people every day. Good personal hygiene is helpful as it helps to improve your self-image.