Sterilize Vs Sanitize the doctor's tools

Sterilize Vs Sanitize: What is best for dental tools?

Sanitize vs sterilize are terms that are usually found in cleaning. Many people confuse them but they are very different from each other. On one hand, when you sterilize an object, all microbial growths from its surface are eliminated. This process kills all kinds of microbial life, including spores, fungi, bacteria, and viruses. On the other hand, when you sanitize something, the amount of microbial life on a particular object is reduced or cleaned. It removes some but not all microbial growths.

Some people raise concerns on sanitizing vs to sterilize. They wonder which one of the two should be applied in dental tools. If you are interested to know more about dental tools cleaning you can visit this link.

Both are very essential choices for dental tools, sanitization being the first process while sterilization is the final and most important process. Sanitization and sterilization are important processes in cleaning dental tools to prevent transmission of infectious pathogens to patients or staffs.


Sanitization steps

•Cleaning- this is an important first step before the dental tools are sterilized. It involves the removal of visible blood, microorganisms, soil, proteins, and other debris from a toolSterilize Vs Sanitize for hands cleaning surface. This step prepares a tool for safe handling and further decontamination. Usually, water and detergent or enzyme cleaner are used in this step.

•Disinfection- this is the second step that removes many or all pathogenic organisms, except spores of bacteria. Liquid chemicals are mostly used in this step.


Sterilization steps

This is the most important process for cleaning and disinfecting dental tools. Through this process, all forms of microbial life are killed. Sterilization process uses chemicals, gas, pressure, and temperature to kill or inactivate all bacteria, fungi, viruses, and spores that cause diseases.

Always keep in mind that many liquid disinfectants and sterilants such as alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, iodophors, chlorine compounds and formaldehyde among others are used alone or as a mixture in a healthcare setting.